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Flemington Oratorio

On the Dedication of the New FJCC


Eric B. Sirota


Dedicated to my parents, my wife and my children.

©2005 Eric B. Sirota

Eric B. Sirota, 106 Bertron Rd., Flemington NJ 08822;  (908) 806-4364


                As performed at the dedication: February 26, 2006:




Prayer for the Congregation  -  MeShebeirach


(Leslie Dudzinski & Jim Cohen)






(Ivan Gilbert & Jim Cohen piano)

A Child of Flemington -  Hallelujah



**Performed by the FJCC Chorus on YouTube


Full oratorio (as composed):

(1) Building

SATB and accompaniment

EBS English

(2) Giving Thanks - Tov L'Hodot

SATB a cappella

Hebrew (Liturgy)

(3) Children

SATB and accompaniment

EBS English

(4) Hashkevainu

Duet a cappella (SA)

Hebrew (Liturgy)

(5) Today (we build) - Hayom

Violin and Piano


(6) Remembrance

Accompanied solo

EBS Engl. & Heb.

(7) Prayer for the Congregation - MiShebeirach

Accompanied solo

Hebrew (Liturgy)

(8) Prayer for Peace - Sim Shalom

SATB a cappella

Hebrew (Liturgy)

(9) A Child of Flemington &  Halleluyah finale

SATB and accompaniment

EBS English



BUILDING   (words by Eric B. Sirota)    

mp3 Building: As performed at the dedication by the FJCC Chorus
(synthesizer accompaniment, SATB reduced to unison)


Building a new house

Building our faith,

Building our new home,

Building our strength,

Building our future,

Building our courage,

One brick at a time.

One prayer at a time.



Building our dreams,

Building our people,

Building our present,

Building our heritage,

Building our future,

Building our future,

One nail at a time. 

One child at a time.



A place for the congregation,

A place for perpetuation,

A place for elevation.

A place for participation.



Building our friendships,

Building our knowledge,

Building compassion,

Building our strength,

Building connections,

Building our culture,

One heart at a time.

One song at a time.



Building commitment,

Building a new house

Building community,

Building our new home,

Building Yisrael,

Building our future,

One mitzvah at a time. 

One brick at a time.



A place for the congregation,

One brick at a time.

A place for celebration,


A place for consecration.


A place for education,


A place for inspiration,


A place for generations.

©2005 Eric B. Sirota




Giving Thanks - Tov L'Hodot (Psalm 92)  (liturgy)
mp3 draft recording  EBS singing - 4 part a cappella played by synthesizer


Translation (after Silverman)

Tov li-ho-dot la-do-nai u-li-za-mer li-shim-cha el-yon,

It is good to give thanks unto the Lord,

Li-ha-gid ba-bo-ker chas-de-cha ve-e-mu-nat-cha  ba-lay-lot.  

and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High:

A-lay a-soor ve-a-lay ne-vel  a-lay he-ga-yon bi-che-noor.

To declare thy lovingkindness each morning,

Kee si-mach-ta-nee a-do-shem be-fa-a-le-cha 

and thy faithfulness every night,

bi-ma-a-say ya-de-cha a-ra-nen.

Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the lute;

Ma-gad-lu  ma-a-se-cha a-do-shem me-od-am-ku mach- shvo-te-cha.

with sacred music upon the harp.

Eesh Be-ar lo ye-dah u-chseel lo ya-veen et zot.

For thou, Lord, hast made me rejoice in thy work:

Be-fro-ach ri-sha-im ki-mo e-sev

I will glory in the works of thy hands.

vi-ya-tsi-tsu kol po-a-lay a-ven. 

How great are thy works O Lord!

Li-he-sham-dam a-day _ad.

Thy thoughts are very deep.

Ve-a-ta ma-rom a-do-shem.

A brutish man knoweth not;

Kee he-nay  oy-ve-cha a-do-shem kee he-nay oy-ve-cha  yo-vay-du 

neither doth a fool understand this.

Yit-par-du kol po-a-lay a-ven. 

The wicked may spring as the grass,

Ve-te-ren kir-em kar-nee be-lo-tee be-she-men ra-a-nan.

and the workers of iniquity may flourish;

Ve-te-bet ai-nai be-shu-rai be-ka-mim a-lai __

Only to be destroyed for ever:

mer-im tesh-me-na az-nai tesh-me-na az-nai.

But thou, O Lord, art most high for evermore.

Tsa-dik Ka-ta-mar  yif-rach ke-e-rez bal-va-non  yis-geh. 

For, lo, thine enemies, O Lord,

Shi-tu-lim be-vait a-do-shem be-chatz-rot e-lo-ke-nu  ya-free-chu.

for, lo, thine enemies shall perish;

Od yi-nu-vun bi-seh-va  di-shay-nim vi-ra-na-nim yi-hee-yu. 

all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered.

Li-ha-geed kee ya -shar a-do-shem  tsu-ri vi-lo av-la-ta bo.

But thou dost raise me to high honor;


I am anointed with fresh oil.


Mine eyes have seen the defeat of my foes.


My ears have heard the defeat of evil doers


that rise up against me.


The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree:


and grow mightily like a cedar in Lebanon.


Planted in the house of the Lord


they shall flourish in the courts of our G-d.


Even in old age they shall bring forth fruit;


they shall be full of vigor and strength;


Declaring that the Lord is just:


My rock, in whom there is no unrighteousness.




CHILDREN    (words by Eric B. Sirota)

mp3 Children: As performed at the dedication by the FJCC Chorus

(synthesizer accompaniment, SATB reduced to unison)


Children playing

Children yearning

Children singing

Children learning

Children laughing

teachers teaching,

Children needing, to learn of the past,

Children reaching up higher and higher

and to open the future.

and higher still more

To realize all their dreams.

Then finding their limits


and reaching some more.

Children running


Children jumping

Running, shouting, whinning, pouting,

Children singing

smiling, laughing,

Children bringing their innocent smiles

Children everywhere.

and their eyes opened wide,

Hearing, seeing, saying, singing,

Their hopes and their fears

growing, knowing,

and the dreams in their hearts.

Children growing fast.


Sharing, caring, knowing showing,

Learning, dreaming, playing singing,

reading, leading,

songs of our people.

Now almost all grown up.

Words of Torah in their ears while they are

Toddlers, babies, infants, newborns,

running all around

keep on coming,


Pray never ever stop.

Children seeing


Children hearing

Children playing, Children praying

Children learn.

Children sharing, Children caring,


Children growing, Children knowing

Children wonder,

Children giving, Children living

Children hunger

lives filled with joy,

Children reaching

guided by the Torah.

Children teaching, one to another,

Singing songs of our people,

another to one.

with true ka-va-nah.


Living lives filled with joy,


guided by the Torah,


Singing songs of our people,

©2005 Eric B. Sirota

with joy and with love.




Hashkiveinu    (liturgy)

mp3 draft recording  EBS singing - 2 part a cappella played by synthesizer


Hash-ki-vay-nu  a-do-shem  e-lo-ha-nu li-sha-lom.

Ve-haa-me-da-nu  mal-kay-nu li-cha-im.

U-fros a-lay-nu su-cat shlo-me-cha vi-tak-na-nu be-etz -a to-va mil-fa-ne-cha  ve-ho-she-ay-nu  li-ma-an shi-me-cha. 

Vi-ha-gen  ba-a-day-nu vi-cha-ser  mi-a -lay nu oy-yev

vi-de-ver vi-che-rev  v-ra-av  vi-ya-gon 

vi-ha-ser sa-tan mil-fa-nay-nu u-mi-a-cha-ray -nu. 

U-ve-tsel ki-na-fe-cha tas-te-ray-nu key el shom-ray-nu u-ma-tse-lay-nu a-tah

key el me-lech cha-nun vi-ra-chum a-tah.

U-shmor tse-tay-nu u-vo-ay-nu li-cha-yim u-li-sha-lom

mi-a-tah vi-ad o-lam. 

U-fros a-lay-nu su-cat shi-lo-me-cha.

Ba-ruch a-tah a-do-shem ha-fo-res su-cat sha-lom a-lay-nu vi-al kol a-mo yis-ra-el vi-al yi-ru-sha-la-yim.

Translation (after Silverman)

Cause us, O Lord our G-d to lie down in peace, and raise us up again, O King, unto life. 

Spread over us Your tabernacle of peace.  Direct us aright through Your own good counsel.

Save us for Your name's sake.  Be Thou a shield about us. 

Remove from us every enemy, pestilence, sword famine and sorrow.

Help us, O Lord to resist temptation.  Shelter us with Your protecting love, for You are a guardian and deliverer. 

Yes, Thou G-D and King are gracious and compassionate. 

Guard our going out and our coming in unto life and peace henceforth and forevermore. 

Spread over us the tabernacle of Thy peace. 

Blessed be Thou, O Lord, who spreads the tabernacle of peace over us, over Israel and over Yerushalaim.



Today We Build - Hayom

mp3 draft recording  Synthesized violin and piano

Instrumental variations on a theme: Hayom from the High Holiday liturgy.



REMEMBRANCE   (words by Eric B. Sirota)    (thanks to Zvi Karcz for Hebrew editing)

mp3 Remembrance: As performed at the dedication  (Ivan Gilbert vocal, Jim Cohen piano)
As we build this new and sacred house, 
and look to the future, we remember our past.

 Bi-zman she-a-nu bo-nim ba-yit cha-dash vi-ka-dosh
 Tso-fim le-a-teed, vi-zoch-rim et ha-a-var.
 Hem she-ba-u le-pha-nei-nu.

Those who came before us;
Those who built the foundation of this house.
Not the foundation of stone in the earth below us.   
We remember those who built our congregation   
and the building where we gathered years ago.

 Hem she-yas-du et ha-ba-yit ha-ze,
 Lo ha yi-sod ba-ha a-da-mah.     
 Z'-chor  et e-lu she-ba-nu et ha-ki-hee-lah,    
 v-et ha bin-yan sham heet-ka-nas-nu b-a-var.  

Those who taught our parents and us.
Those who instilled in us love of Torah,
led us in worship, and set an example,
through acts of righteousness. 

 Hem she-lim-du et a-vo-ta-nu  ve-o-ta-nu.
 Hem she-za-ru b-a-nu a-ha-vat To-rah. 
 She-ha-yu la-nu ba-a-le ti-fi-la,  vi-hee-vu la-nuu dug-ma  bi-gimi-lut cha-sa-dim.

Those who are still among us
and those who have passed to life eternal.
Before we honor ourselves for what we have built, 
we honor those who built and maintained what came before.

 Hem she cha-yim ha-yom 
 Hem she cha-yim bei-nei-nu b-o-lam ha-zeh, 
 ve hem she-av-ru le-o-lam ha-ba.

 Bi-zman she-a-nu ni-chab-dim et atz-mai-nu, al she-ba-nee-nu,
 a-nach-nu cha-ya-vim li-ka-ved  et e-lu she ba-nu vi-kee-mu et she-ha-ya.

The foundation of this house is stronger than stone.
It is built on Torah.

 Ye-so-dot ha-ba-yit cha-za-kim, mi-e-ven;  Yo-tzed ha-bin-yan he ha-To-rah. 

 A-nu bo-nim li-ba-nei-nu u b'-no-tei-nu, k'fi she-ho-rei-nu ba-nu la-nu.

We build for our children
as our parents have built for us.    

We leave one house behind and move to another, 
but the Torah and our memories will always be with us.    

 A-nu oz-vim ba-yit e-chad ve ov-rim li-a-cher;

 A-val ha-To-rah, v-zich-ro-no-tei-nu lo ya-az-vu o-ta-nu.

©2005 Eric B. Sirota


Prayer for the Congregation:  MI SHEBEIRACH  (liturgy)

mp3 MiShebeirach: As performed at the dedication  (Leslie Dudzinski vocal, Jim Cohen piano)

Mi-she-bay-rach a-vo-tay-nu


Av-ra-ham Yitz-chak ve-Ya-a-kov

May he who blessed our ancestors,

Sa-ra Riv-ka Ra-chel ve-Lay-a.

Abraham Isaac and Jacob,

Hu-yi-va-rech et kol ha-ka-hal ha-ka-dosh ha-zeh

Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah.

im kol ki-hee-lot  ha-ka-dosh.   

May he bless this entire congregation,

Hem-u-vi-nay-hem u-vi-no-tay-hem

along with all other congregations;

Hen-u-vi-nay-hen u-vi-no-tay-hen.

them, their sons and their daughters,

Hem-u-vi-nay-hem u-vi-no-tay-hem

and all their loved ones.

vi-chol a-sher la-hem.

and those who dedicate synagogues for prayer,

U-me shem-ya-cha-dim  ba-tay ki-ne-see-ot li-tfi-lah.    

and those who enter them to pray;

U-me she-ba-im  bi-to-cham li-hit-pa-lel. 

And those who provide lamps for illumination,

U-me shi-not-nim ner li-ma-or vi-ya-yin li-ki-dush u-li-hav-da-lah.

and wine for kiddush,

U-phat li-or-chim u-tszda-ka li-a-nee-im.  

bread for guests and charity for the poor,

Vi-chol mi shi-os-kim bi-tsar-chey tzi-bur

And those who are faithfully devote themselves

o-vin-yan e-retz Yis-ra-el be-e-mu-nah

to the needs of the community

Ha-ka-dosh ba-ruch hu. 

and the rebuilding of the land of Israel;

Yi-sha-lem si-cha-ra-am vi-ya-seer mi-chem kol ma cha-la

May the Holy One, blessed be he,

Vi-yir-fa li-chol gu-fam. 

remove from them all sickness,

Vi-yis-lach li-chol a-vo-nam. 

preserved them in health, forgive their sins,

Vi-yeesh-lach bi-ra-cha vi-hatz-la-cha

send blessing and success to the work of their hands,

bi-chol ma-a-seh yi-de-hem im kol Yis-ra-el a-che-hem.

an upon all Israel, their brethren,

Vi-no-mar A-men.

and let us say, Amen.



Prayer for Peace - SIM SHALOM  (liturgy)

mp3 draft recording  EBS singing - 2 part a cappella played by synthesizer

Sim sha-lom  to-dah ov-ra-cha  ba-o-lam
Chen va-che-sed ve-ra-cha-mim. 
A-le-nu ve-al kol yis-ra-el a-me-cha. 
Bar-che-nu  a-vee-nu ku-la-nu  kee e-chad 
bi-or pa-ne-cha.
Kee bi-or pa-ne-cha na-ta -ta la-nu ha-shem e-lo-hey-nu
To-rat cha-yim ve-a-ha-vat che-sed.

U-tsda-ka u-vra-cha ve-ra-cha-mim
ve-cha-yim ve-sha-lom.

Ve-tov be-ai-ne -cha  le-va-rech et am-cha yis-ra-el  be-chol et
u-bi-chol sha-a be-shlo-me-cha.

Ba-ruch a-ta a-do-shem ha-me-va-rech et a-mo yis-ra-el ba-sha-lom.
Sim sha-lom ba-o-lam.
Ba -ruch a-ta a-do-shem, o-seh ha-sha-lom,

Translation (after Silverman)

Grant peace, well-being and blessing unto the world,

with grace lovingkindness and mercy, for us and for all Israel, Thy people.

Bless us all together, with the light of Thy presence,

for by that light Thou hast given us, O Lord our G-d, the Torah of life,

lovingkindness and righteousness, blessing and mercy, life and peace.

O may it be good in thy sight at all times to bless Thy people Israel with Thy peace.

Bless art Thou, O Lord, who blesses Thy people Israel and all mankind with peace.



A Child of Flemington / Halleluya   (words by Eric B. Sirota)  

mp3 A Child of Flemington - Halleluya: As performed at the dedication by the FJCC Chorus 

(synthesizer accompaniment, SATB reduced to unison)


A child is born in Flemington.

We build a house Flemington.

A bris today in Flemington.

A house of G-D in Flemington;

We celebrate and we hope that he

To worship there;

is blessed with joy, health and love.

To rejoice there;


We build a house of the Lord.

A child is born in Flemington


And will be raised in Flemington

An old man dies in Flemington.

We are there.  A simcha is shared.

Shiva in Flemington.

A new child has a name.

The kahal is there, friends are near.


The family is not alone.

A child is raised in Flemington.

He will be remembered in Flemington;

A Bar Mitzvah in Flemington.

His works and deeds in Flemington;

Chanting Torah, leading t'filah,

A name engraved on the synagogue wall.

Practicing gimelut chasadim.

His mark remains on those he loved.

May he bring good name to Flemington;


His family, his community,

A house is built in Flemington.

His people his country

A house of G-d in Flemington.

and all of the human race.

A structure for our future,

His family, his community,

A testament to our past.

and all of the human race.



A child is born in Flemington.

An Ufruf here in Flemington.

A Simchat Bat in Flemington.

A Chuppah here in Flemington.

We celebrate and we hope that she

The community rejoices,

is blessed with joy, health and love.

Along with the Chatan and Kalah.



We built a house in Flemington;

A family moved to Flemington,

A house of G-d in Flemington.

To build a life in Flemington.

A house for the community,

The community welcomes them.

We build a house of the Lord.

They have found a home.

A house for all in Flemington,


We build a house of the Lord.

We built a house in Flemington;


A house for all in Flemington;

Halleluyah  . . . . . . .

Our place of prayer, our place to meet,


Our congregation has a new home.





©2005 Eric B. Sirota


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