A Day at the White House
(a new musical comedy)
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A Day at the White House
a new musical
by Vin Morreale Jr. & Eric B. Sirota
Imagine the mayhem when all the classic comedians of the early 20th Century are together on one stage, each with their unique brands of comedy stylings; thrown against the backdrop of the ultimate slapstick zaniness – the American political establishment.
After a close national vote is deadlocked in Florida, Crenshaw Sparx (resembling Groucho Marx) is appointed President of the United States, surrounded by all the clowns, comedians and con artists that not-so-subtly reflect today’s political environment.

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Vin Morreale Jr. (book & lyrics)
Eric B. Sirota (music)

Jessica Woodard     –   Sarah Turner Holland
Jorden Fletcher          –    Dwight Turner
Crenshaw Sparx      –     Beau Solley
Cheato Sparx       –      Vin Morreale Jr.
Hobo Sparx      –    Schwinn Hornblower
Bo          –     Rick Bucy
Barry     –    Beau Solley
Curby       –   Steven Preston
Mae Waist       –       Barb Polk
W. Z. Fielding      –    Randy Davidson
Cabot            –      Gary Crockett
Oddfellow   –     Will Adams
Senator       –      Chauncey E. Arnold
Reporter      –    Amber Hurst

A Change in the White House
This Is Where It Starts
What Would George Washington Think?
More Than the Sum of Her Parts
The Climes They Are a’Changing
This is Where it Ends
Life of a Politician
I’m in Love With My PC
Love at First Grope
Truth is a Fungible Thing
More That the Sum of His Parts
Lordy How We Try and Fool Ya
Change in the White House – Reprise

Questions/Comments/Inquiries  Contact:  [email protected]

© 2020  Vin Morreale Jr. &  Eric B. Sirota