Go, My Child
The woman who molded the man who changed the world.
A new musical in development:
music by Eric B. Sirota
book & lyrics by Eric B. Sirota & Julia Sirota

Please contact me if you are interested in this work.

Leaving one’s parents, infertility and the search for truth, set against a background of xenophobia; 3000 years ago, but particularly relevant today where “fear of the different” easily translates into hatred; yet we strive to be a society that “loves the stranger”.

Set in ancient Mesopotamia, Go, My Child is an original account of the early lives of familiar biblical characters. The first act is set in the xenophobic metropolis of Ur, controlled by harsh rulers. Young precocious Sarai inspires inquisitiveness in her young friend, Abram.

Sarai, the daughter of a scribe, who was taught to write, becomes a teacher and marries Abram. Narrowly escaping death and forced to flee Ur, his extended family ends up in the welcoming town of Charan, where Act-II is set.

Surrounded by children, but unable to conceive a child of her own, Sarai’s pain grows each month; and nothing Abram can do can help.

Their childless life, with Abram as a shepherd, gives him the time to ponder the world. The arrival of a mysterious refugee with shocking news from Ur, drives the climax.
It is the unity of mankind that leads Abram to conclude the oneness of god, who he is only just beginning his quest to find. To attain their goals they must move out from under his parents’ roof. Sarai and Abram journey westward to restart their lives in an unknown land, as the curtain falls.

Here is a montage of draft demos of some of the songs from “Go, My Child”

Here is a draft demo of Sarai’s Soliloquy from Act-II:

“Go, My Child”
 Development History:

2017 Dramaturgy and workshop at University of Portsmouth (UK) under Prof. Laura MacDonald.

2015 (Oct) & 2016 (Feb) – Song/scene presentations at TRU (Theater Resources Unlimited) “TRU Beginnings: How To Write A Musical – Feedback Workshops”
2015 (Jan) & 2016 (Jun) – Table Readings

2014 (Feb) – 15 min. vignette performed as part of the Players Theatre’s Short Play and Musical Festival, in NY. Watch on YouTube

2008 – First draft followed by dramaturgy and 11 rewrites.